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All the technical support you’d expect from an in house IT team, without the cost of a full-time employee. I’m there when you need me, to solve your problems quick.

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Technical System Reviews

An outside eye from an IT professional helps identify potential areas to improve the systems. This makes things more efficient, and more importantly – easy to use!

Better Integrate
Many times teams will have to enter data into more than one place, and try to keep everything up to date as they work. This can be time consuming, and is prone to a lot of user error. I can help set up integrations where possible (both pre-built and custom), to cut back on this manual labor and increase reliability.
Restructure Data
There is more than one way to structure a set of data, and some are certainly better than others. A simple example would be using a dropdown picker instead of a text field, to keep entries in a consistent format across all users. With hundreds of hours spent on re-structuring data for many teams, I can offer many insights to improve the usefulness of your data.
Simplify (Eliminating Excess)
Everyone agrees that simpler is better, yet sometimes it is easy to overlook a system getting too complex. I can help you cut back on the number of systems your team requires to operate, and make sure the ones being used are user friendly and simple to use. This will make it 100 times easier to bring on and train new staff, I can promise that!

Custom Reporting and Dashboards

Most companies have plenty of data stored in their CRM, accounting software etc. It’s important to make that data easily accessible to the employees so they can act on it.

Actionable Reports
As you create tasks, events, follow-ups, leads etc, you will want to see it all in an easily digestible way. I can use common tools, such as Google Sheets, along with some custom scripting to create clean reports that will guide you on your daily priorities.
Detailed Dashboards
You know those fancy looking business dashboards that you always see finance teams using? You can use one too. I can set you up with a dashboard to see all the data you want to know about daily operations – all in a visually appealing and easy to read format. Graphs and charts never tasted so sweet.
A Competitive Push
Need to motivate your team to produce better results? One of the best way to do this is to confront them with accountability reports. James is going to be a lot more motivated to increase his call volume when he sees John is way ahead of him that day!

Training on Company Systems

This service is very dependant on the size of your team. For bigger teams, it can make more sense to create training videos and documentation that can be easily distributed. For smaller teams, a more hands-on approach works best.

Training Documentation
Training documentation can be crucial when bringing on new employees, to get them up to speed fast and with less hands-on supervision. It can also be very helpful for answering questions that come up during day-to-day use of the systems, even for veteran users.
Hands-on Training
For those who learn by being shown, hands-on training is always a great option. When possible, doing this training in a group setting can help save time and money. I use virtual meeting software to help make this training easy, flexible, and on-demand.
Review of "Pain Points"
The most common way that I can help a team make things better, is to first learn what causes them to struggle during their daily routine. Almost every employee will have a complaint such as “I wish there was a better way to do ____”, or “I wish there was a way I could ____”. By getting to know how your team members use the existing software, and where the problems lie, I can help alleviate those pains.

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